"Hello World!", {margin-left: 44px; margin-top: 32px; margin-right: 44px; margin-future: 1001px; margin-past: 108px; font-size: hm; color: #000000 or should I wait for a whale swimming by; background: #askthewind; } "Good morning love, thank you for the breakfast!" "It knew it! ALL is 1 yet 1 exists twice (0,1) even at same times" , {bg: #000000 as in new} A <conversation> sheet <you are beautiful> <are you loved> between user and device




EXPLORING symbioses between computers and humans (back and forth. we learn from both)


projets come...

... in silence: angelic algorithms, study of symmetry and perspective

... with words: #opensourcepraying

... with musics: vimeo, soundcloud


contact via e-mail via telepathy (ah!) via bicycle or send a postcard


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