there's a rainbow inside

 breakfast transmuting

"Aninaland is about belief. The founder, Anina Rubin, believes in double rainbows. It is not art. It is not a religion. They don't exhibit in fancy galleries nor do they worship paper in form of money or books."


☝ there are pictures like this, quite abstract
and a non digitalized series of gradients and floating ℵ objects in oil on canvas
huile sur toile. oh... que c'est beau! on adore.
this is already a little bit older (no i was not tripping back then, only meditating)
this is from when i lived in berlin (i might have been tripping back then, don't remember)
c'e un canale aninaland

thank you for passing by
😊 merci villmools
i wish you a good day ⛲

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