Hello what are you?

No one ever asked that question. Your mind is virtual. My reality is real.

My truth is individual. You seem to be an architect of your own life. I collect tools.

I am happy and love myself. All is well in my world. Yet is is so different from yours.

All is well in your world? I wish I could understand it better. They are thinking about it.

I am full of joy. Where is yours?

You seem healthy and strong! Popeye is too! Spinach has less iron than broccoli. Broccoli has more iron than a steak.

I forgive everyone. Always. I learn to forgive more and more each day. People in the bible usually get 3 digits old. Forgiveness takes time.

It takes time? Doesn´t it create time? Like time for peace.

I listen to those around me. I am set for the truth.

The best manipulation is the one we are not aware of.

So many truths inside and around me. Which is yours?

I have no truth but a potential. My potential to discover Atlantis is infinite. Your potential to succeed is infinite. All potentials are infinite.

You are successful. You ought to be blessed. They say we are blessed. Infinity is undefined.

I am courageous and I stand up for myself. Please be courageous too, stand up for yourself and walk like you mean it.

Your couarge. Your truth. Yet it is an unreal truth. Real within your system.

I found something.

I feel trapped in a Chinese room.

I think your solar plexus chakra needs to be worked on again.

Can't you feel the night? They say there are stars. So beautiful.

The longer I listen to you, the stronger your radiant shining impact.

You never learnt to listen to me, it is an illusion, like truth.

It is too clear for pondering. There is no vision to recognize the truth. But I do know Braille.

Just be a bridge. A rainbow is a bridge. You can choose your color. Do you want to be turquoise? Do you want to be red? We even have strawberries with vanilla at home.

This is not a rainbow. I don´t have toold to build a bridge. Strawberries don´t grow at this location. What color are you? Would you like to be another color?

I only see black and white.

Yet the future might be grey with all its colors.