Not too long ago, the Luxembourgish artist Anina Rubin found an eternal island by practicing and traveling through mystical paths, meditations and perspectives of many different beliefs and religions.

While experiencing and looking for similarities, crossovers and bridges between quantum physics, sociology and spirituality, she focuses on the experience of Kabbalah and the re-connection to the wisdom of the intuition in nature.

The study of letters, words and passages in the Old Testament as well as the experiences of consciousness through meditations and natural transcendental state of minds create the fundamental stones and bridges at ANINA.LAND – a world in which music, sound and art projects melt together with flowers, light and a grateful love for mother nature in this dynamic and ever existing universe.


Anina Rubin is currently working on her first solo singer-songwriting album, Yellow Daffodils, in which she puts ancient words and alchemistic perspectives into a 21st century context. Some of her lyrics critically defend the needs for a fruitful future of this world in collective dimensions.
Besides her voice, a guitar and an occasional appearing organ; sounds of nature, human environments and animals play a major role in it.


Close Your Eyes so You can see:

The Shadows Start to Shine (they remember now who they used to be):




Another current project – As Day As Night – is a collaboration with media artists Sascha Jungbauer and Felix Buchholz. Here the magic of a composed piano piece clashes together through sentimental summer days and industrial and restless shadows of the night.

Sneak peek: extracts (As Day):




Some pieces of music also available on soundcloud.

© Anina Rubin 2017