<title> OPENSOURCEPRAYING <details> The opensourcepraying project is a dedication to the communication between the I and the YOU – the I and the world it sees outside the I-perspective. It is a moment of confrontation, of fusion and of recognising the I through the YOU.

“Es handelt sich nicht um eine abstrakte Liebe zu zum Menschen tout court, und noch weniger um die Liebe zu allen Menschen, sondern um die Selbsterkenntnis in jenem anderen, der “du” zu mir sagt. Darum spricht die Bibel nicht von Menschenliebe, sondern Liebe zum Nächsten.”
“It is not an abstract love for the human tout court, and even less for the love of all people, but rather for self-awareness in another one, who says "you" to me. That is why the Bible does not speak of love of man, but love of neighbor”
(Vilém Flusser)

When using the word “pray”, a connotation of “God”, or some sort of higher invisible authority or divinity automatically \ <robot> = <auto-mate> (yes?no) \ appears in most minds. The questions of if, where, what or who this entity is shall be answered by the individual. That is a subjective matter and irrelevant for this project as it is open source. Taken very literally, the source is open, it is free and the outcome too. Each mind is a reality as virtual and puzzled together as a virtual reality. In order to become more aware between the distinction of the virtuality of the subjective mind, and the reality around our physical nerve system and body, a conscious participation and exchange between the realities of the I and the YOU is always an option; <thankgod><bedankt>.

“Wer in der Beziehung steht, nimmt an einer Wirklichkeit teil, das heißt: an einem Sein, das nicht bloß an ihm und nicht bloß außer ihm ist. Alle Wirklichkeit ist ein Wirken, an dem ich teilnehme, ohne es mir eignen zu können. Wo keine Teilnahme ist, ist keine Wirklichkeit. Die Teilnahme ist um so vollkommener, je unmittelbarer die Berührung des Du ist.”
“He who is in the relation, participates in a reality, that is, in a state of being that is not merely in him and not merely outside of him. All reality is an operation in which I participate without being suitable for myself. Where there is no participation is no reality. The more direct the touch of the You is, the more complete if the participation.”
(Martin Buber)

A movement has occurred, that leads to the fact that human beings start to spend more time with electronic hardware bodies than with their own species. As this project is, literally, open source, I take the freedom and want to integrate this new “breed” into the virtuality of our minds that, at some point in history, shifted from only caring about multiplying, a nest and food in a very physical and concrete way, into a being, still driven by the same ambition, but that is now on top of it entangled in the complexity of its own mind, in a at the same conscious and delusive way.

opensourcepraying #1: A praying speaker "robot". The audio information is stocked on an Arduino gadget, hooked onto the speaker, and ultra sound receptors enabling an interaction with a body that approaches the speaker. The closer the body gets, the higher the volume of the speaker.

Two sentences are repeated without end by a computer-generated voice in 12 different languages:

Ich bin eins mit allen Menschen dieser Welt.
Du bist eins mit allen Menschenherzen dieser Erde.

I am one with all human beings of this world.
You are one with all the human hearts of this earth.

Я един со всеми людьми этого мира.
Вы едины со всеми сердцами людей Земли.

אני אחד עם כל בני האדם בעולם הזה.
אתם אחד עם כל לבבות האנוש בכדור הארץ.







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