a b o u t  A N I N A L A N D 

Anina Rubin photo by Marie Capesius

photo by marie capesius

‘i am interested in the paths of our souls. i explore spheres, dimensions and realities that are not the main focus in our societies. the grandness of the soul is infinite; the soul is pure, the soul is whole, always.’


A N I N A L A N D is the moment of unity between the artist katja anina brosius and the realms of the angels, the ascended ones and the premordial goddesses. the focus lies in storytelling through spatial sound, singing and moving images. the immersive sound- and film collages are created as fixed media or in a symbiosis with live-performances.


2016-22 media art master’s degree with honors at karlsruhe university of arts & design

seminars with jonathan bepler, michael bielicky, dr. markus noisternig, dr. paul modler, vadim fishkin. part of the research group on artificial intelligence and media philosophy kim (künstliche intelligenz und medienphilosophie) founded by prof. dr. matteo pasquinelli.

2017-19 light priest training after judeo-christian mystical traditions

2009-12 photography, photoacademy urbschat berlin

2007-08 theology, hu, berlin

anina is multilingual and enjoys to learn or to experiment with the sounds of ancient languages such as hebrew, arabic, punjabi. her clairvoyant and -audient way of being have been guiding her through various teachings of theosophy as well as schools of meditations such as kabbalah, the vedas and christ-consciousness based practices. she genuinely seeks the contact to starsiblings, light-angels, devas and deities.

exhibtions & shows (selection)


ircam forum, marl at nyu, new york city

diploma presentation, sound dome at hfg karlsruhe, germany (solo)

landalive, st. christophorus church, baden baden (solo)


wissenschaftsfestival effekte, karlsruhe

quattropole musikpreis, rotondes, luxembourg

lying sophia & mocking alexa, yuz museum, shanghai


ever glade, konschthal, esch, luxembourg

i am sitting in a high-dimensional room, 1014 space for ideas, new york city

which is yours, kunsthaus l6, freiburg, germany


angelic algorithms, hospice pforzheim, germany (solo)

hfg rundgang-konzerte im kubus, zkm, karlsruhe

next_generation 8.0 festival, zkm, karlsruhe


beyond festival, zkm & hfg, karlsruhe

kamuna, zkm, karlsruhe

why knot, rhizome – sabine schäfer, gedok, karlsruhe


intro peinture, konschthaus beim engel, luxembourg


beyond the words – imagit, labor gallery, budapest

artmix9, saarländische galerie, berlin


pavillon of memes, online / zurich

homeostasis lab, the wrong (again), online

sweetness, embassy of luxembourg, berlin (solo)


bp loud tate: all glitched up, tate britain, london


jugend kunst ausstellung, bundeskunsthalle bonn

ein fehler im uranus, foyer européen, luxembourg (solo)

grants & residencies


quattropole music price, luxembourg, trier, saarbrücken & metz


squatfabrik, kufa, esch, luxembourg


opensourcepraying, asta, hfg karlsruhe


may peace be with you, ministère de la culture luxembourg

hariko atelier residence, luxembourg


artmix9 artist residence, saarbrücken, germany & bourglinster, luxembourg

anina rubin ambisonics music live




a land in 8d, music album realease for streaming platforms, self-published


ever glade, 3d music release, anina.land productions
retour sur la squatfabrik fanzine, kulturfabrik, esch
session (200805), 3d music release, anina.land productions

mit dem mond im gesicht, 3d music release, anina.land productions
far, stereo music release, self-published
untitled (180518), 3d music release, anina.land productions

which is yours, photgraphic book, self-published

artmix 9, art residency & exhibition catalog, courtesy of the artists

  • people often ask: what do you do? i always say: i don't like typing, nor social media. we just want to sing and dance with angels.
    katja anina brosius