anina rubin

b. 1988 in germany

“we just want to sing.”

anina rubin is a composer for spatial audio ambisonics music and productions for live, AR, VR & other dimensions. her media installations, moving images and live sets are put together with vocals, choir singing, lyrics, story-telling, instruments, field recordings and plenty of sounddesign. the focus is on voice and vocals, yet she also plays the piano, guitar, banjo and other instruments.
she has been in contact with spirits and many angel and deva families since she was a child. her clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences are a constant contribution to her works.

rubin studied theology, photography and media art in berlin and is currently at the university of applied arts and design in karlsruhe in germany, specializing in the technologies of spatial audio ambisonics.

her works & musical pieces have been shown internationally, amongst are the bundeskunsthalle bonn, tate modern in london or the zkm in karlsruhe.

a selection of limited edition prints can be purchased online via saatchi art.

she publishes her music within her own label. official releases are available on bandcamp. for spatial audio pieces, live shows or short film showings please write to thank you !

© anina rubin
angel © anina rubin
group exhibitions (selection)
lying sophia & mocking alexa
i am sitting in a high-dimensional room (with philipp schmitt and dr. felipe orduña bustamante)
which is yours
kunsthaus l6, freiburg, germany
mit dem mond im gesicht
zkm, karlsruhe, germany
next_generation 8.0 festival
prayer of broken pieces, beyond festival
zkm, karlsruhe, germany
why knot, rhizome – sabine schäfer
next_generation 7.0 festival
intro peinture
galerie beim engel, luxembourg
beyond the words – imagit
pavilion of memes by cindy hertach
homeostasis lab, the wrong (again) – new digital art biennale
the magical fairy tree with eyes
la nuit des lampions, wiltz, luxembourg
trompe l’oeil (curated by a. rubin & k. v. damne)
bp loud tate: all glitched up
art against exclusion, FFL Fondation Follereau, Esch-Sur-Alzette, LU
jugend kunst ausstellung
bundeskunsthalle bonn, germany
haus an der redoute, bonn, germany
single exhibitions (selection)
angelic algorithms & ancient artefacts
christliches hospiz pforzheim/enzkreis, germany
embassy of the grand duchy of luxembourg, berlin
ein fehler im uranus
foyer européen, luxembourg
Anina Rubin Beyond Festival Piano Prayers



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