Celestial Lightwork

💖 Ancestrol Healings 🕊 Aura-field Harmonisations 🧡 War-wounded Healings 🌳

I have been close to and in communication with Angels, Spirits, Elves, Light-Gnomes, and other realms such as Avalon, Camelot, Arcturus or Astrea since I was a child. Seeing deceased Ancestors, the line of an entire lost family tribe, or curses that were cast hundreds of years ago, is nothing supernatural.

Yet, we happen to live in a world that is reigned by bread and circuses with the aim to increase an economy into an infinite and everlasting growth. The happier, the healthier, the more self-responsible (independent) people are the more likely will the stocks and paper-valued thinking go back to 0.

It is a long and sometimes very solitary and secluded path when one chooses not to accept that truth and to go after what the sky, the wind, the fire, the waters, and the Earth whispers into one’s ears. Beautiful treasures of non-human languages overflow at some point. I have experienced in a multitude of times during hours of longer meditations, how the “ego” just splits off. First, a very scary thing to happen. However, the less one identifies oneself with its ego, and instead, with a greater source of the Soul, the more connected one becomes with one’s own Higher Self, and with the beings and Nature around.

Meditations have fascinated me since I was child. I have deeply experienced and dived intensely through different meditative and mystical schools (Transcendental Meditation, Ecstatic Kabbalah, Tantra, Zen Meditation, Litios Meditations & Light Operations) that have all led me to my very own type of meditation and praying – that still evolves with every breath and every year. Yet all these mediations or mystical perspectives have two things in common for me: the heat of the flame  always hurts, but is worth it. Especially if one feels, sees or hears the connection and bond with the Celestial world strengthening over the years.

I’ve taken part in training in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands and continuously take on further educations about different types of lightwork. I have made great experiences and have gotten phenomenal feedback especially with Litios Light Crystals that I use during the meditations for my clients. I often recommend specific frequency Crystals for further personal healings, clearings and/or aura protections.

During the celestial lightwork I guide people through meditations, affirmative/positive thinking patterns, chakra clearings & aura harmonizations. Sometimes a systematic constellation or short dive into a past incarnation might be necessary to give my client the moment of awareness or perception that leads to solution-based thinking and experiencing.

During the meditations I am completely connected with the Angels. I always create a light temple for myself and the client, protection is especially important. Before, during and after each session. Depending on the situation or matter, I often channel messages or insights from Elohim & Alcyone Sunlords (Lord Surya, Lord Astrea), Goddesses (Mother Mary, Goddess Shekina, Lady Quan Yin, Lady Rowena, and many miraculously more), Angels, Angels, Angels, dear Angel Camelot 💖💛🧡 Mahavatar Bababji, Lord Shiva, Devas and other Ascended Masters and Star siblings.

They give us – in a highest gratefulness – access to enormous healing powers through time and space. This way wounds, traumas or past (life) experiences can find a way into a healing and freeing process.

All is energy

Lightwork, spiritual clearings and harmonizations can be done for people, animals, projects, relationships, families, ancestors, cars, houses, estates, companies, events or any existing situation or matter. Every physical manifestation is a consequence of the “thinking system” and actions prior to the result that confronts us now. It is within the present moment that we have the power to bring into transformation what we wish to transform.

Depending on the size or amount of energy and people that are involved in a transforming lightwork session, I might offer the service only in combination with 1 or 2 more lightworkers and/or healers.

Since summer 2021 I have been taking part in advanced training for light and aura operations. A one of a kind miraculous way of reprogramming the spiritual cell memory of the human body with Angelic rays.

I am looking so very forward to hearing from you! And giving you further information and details about chakra clearings, aura harmonizations, new cell programming, meditations, prayers that I give and share! I offer the services in German, Luxemburgish and English, in person or online. Please contact 1001@anina.land 🕊🧡

Thank You

Human Beings & Miraculous Places on this Planet I like visiting or working with 🧚🏻‍♀️✨

Spiritual Musician & Lightworker Oslee
Founder & chef of The Metta Space San Diego & La Jolla Victor Nguyen
Litios Light Centre at Bodensee in Germany
Artist & Mystic Kamila Richter from Prague
Scarabaeus Library & store in Luxembourg
MERU Campus in Vlodrop in the Netherlands

Healers & Coaches & Teachers

Willy Hauser, heil-gesund.ch, Glarus, Switzerland
Tatjana Schindler, Recklinghausen near Bochum, Germany
Josef Schindler, Recklinghausen near Bochum, Germany
Praxis Mandala von Alexa-Undine Wiedemann, Berlin