celestial lightwork: chakra clearings, aura harmonisations & earth healings

Contact to Angels & other Celestial Beings

I have been close to the spirited side of Angels, Ascended Mystics, Elves and Light-Gnomes since I was child. I wish back then that I knew that chakra clearings and aura harmonisations existed! Or at least, that we start to use our spiritual abilities today. So that lightwork, such as chakra clearings, aura harmonisations, or even house or Earth harmonisations could be taught to every child in every school. Meditations and spiritual programming should be a fundamental everyday tool that every child learns. E.g. like taking a shower or preparing a healthy breakfast.

What do adults do, when children tell them about what they really see? What can a mother do, when her child sees Ghosts or Souls of deceased Ancestors?

A child learns from young age on to fit into a certain type of trained thinking. There is a certain type of “well”-conditioned believing, seeing, dreaming, daring and so on that is “right”. Science and human innovations overcome and evolute decade by decade, century by century. Hence the “proper” and “right” way of thinking and believing is based and conditioned on the current scientific knowledge and political-system standards of the society.

Take a moment to think about who or what reigns the standards and possibilities of your system of belief. Is the “what’s right” of a certain “fits-all” standard your personal truth that you agree with? Are your doctors’ or politicians’ belief systems also your – maybe even limiting – beliefs?

We all know, the earth is not flat. Or at least, we do assume it.

We trust the way our measurement instruments work. Once a new of such scientific instruments exists, a new reality enfolds in the science industry’s standards.

We have made the collective experience, that science was completely wrong, completely off. It was only true within a belief system of a certain century.

So how come that the current scientific and intellectual system of belief creates the reality that is utterly and blindly trusted by most citizens?

In a few centuries from now, science will have proven itself wrong multiple times, as newer instruments will reveal new layers and depths of our kind of nature. Studies and systems of beliefs will be proven wrong, again and again. Unless specific powers want – despite their own knowledge – to keep deliberately a wrong belief in our eyes, to keep us blind and easily manageable, dependant on their system. Which means: To be conditioned and determined by some one or something else. Our history has shown, that such things occur very often in the game of powers and territory or financial growths.

Nature is an infinite and endless resource of intelligence

Our science has been copying nature when developing “new” things. Any invention we do has already existed in one form or another in nature – whether it was the engineering of a clock, a plane, or the development of AI robots.

The binary system of 0’s and 1’s are the base of any current developed and programmed computers of all sort (from smartphones to robotics in 4.0 industries). This system reflects our conditioned mind of a dualistic way of thinking. Dividing the world into a “yes” and “no”, into a “wrong” and “right”, into an “off” or “on” is the reflectance and result of early Christian and other Abrahamic religions. Furthermore it creates a power for some one else to being able to judge some one to be “right” or “wrong”.

The entire science and mathematical language of the current age is based on this very conditioned trained thinking and believing.

Hence the mind shall constantly divide any situation and matter into a “wrong” or a “right”.

The creation of a “wrong” and “right” is the fundamental base of dualism and all situations that occur out of such. It is an artificial human creation. Yet it does not mean that it is the only truth. Even if quantum computing will spread, our minds still need to relearn or adapt a few things to get out of the 0’s and 1’s.

If the human being links him/her/itself back to its own and true nature, to its purest state of divine power and creation, all the intelligence is within. The dependance towards an outside system will be transformed into self-responsibility.

All the intelligences one needs to evolute are within the being itself. Every human being can be clairvoyant, clairaudient or clairsensing in so many different ways and ways to come. Moreover, every human being is connected to Mother Nature, as well as to the the vast Ocean of all Creation. Every human being has a cell memory that lasts longer than the most sophisticated computer of all times.

You might not be able to see or hear the Angels, maybe not even your Guardian Angel (which would be really sad). However all that does not mean, that this Celestial world does not exist.

Acknowledging nature

Every human has the power to transform the confusion, the darkness, the veils, the addictions, the programmings or unpleasant experiences into a grateful blessing, into peace, into a drop of light.

Take a moment or days, weeks, months or years to start listening to your Soul again.

Hear what it wants to tell you. Feel that ever-surviving sunshine inside you.


Light-sessions, chakra clearings & aura harmonisations

With my celestial lightwork I guide people trough meditations and prayers, chakra clearings and aura harmonisations.

I channel different light-rays: from Elohim & Alcyone Sunlords, Goddesses (Mother Mary, Goddess Shekina, Goddess Shakti, Goddess Ishtar, Lady Quan Yin, Lady Rowena, Lady Venus, Lady Sanada, and many miraculously more), Angels, Angels, Angels 💖💛🧡 Lord Krishna, Lord Bababji, Lord Shiva, Jesus Christ, Lord Krishna, Padre Pio, Thérèse of Lisieux, Teresa of Avila, Brother Klaus, Hildegard von Bingen, and many more Ascended Masters and Star siblings.

They give us – in a highest gratefulness – access to enormous healing powers through time and space. This way wounds, traumas or past (life) experiences can find a way into a healing and freeing process.

All is energy

Lightwork, spiritual clearings and harmonisations can be done for people, animals, projects, relationships, families, ancestors, cars, houses, estates, companies, events or any existing situation or matter. Every physical manifestation is a consequence of the thought system and actions prior to the result that confronts us now. It is within the present moment that we have the power to bring into transformation what we wish to let go of.

The universe has been taken care of all, long before our planet or our species existed. It also will take care of all, long after our planet or skins and bones will have vanished. So make it easier for yourself while you are here, and let go of the shadows and stones that are not yours no more.

Depending on the size or amount of energy and people that are involved for a transforming lightwork session, I might offer the service only in combination with 1 or 2 more lightworkers, lightpriests or healers.

I’ve taken part at many trainings in Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands and continuously take on further educations about different types of lightwork. I have made great experiences and have gotten phenomenal feedback especially with Litios Light Crystals that I use during the meditations for my clients. I often recommend specific frequency Crystals for further personal healings, clearings and/or aura protections.

Since summer 2021 I have been taking part of advanced trainings for light and aura operations. A one of a kind miraculous way of reprogramming the spiritual cell memory of the human body with Angelic rays.

I am looking so very forward to giving you further information and details about chakra clearings, aura harmonisations, new cell-programming, meditations, prayers that I give and share! I offer the services in German, Luxemburgish and English, in person or online. Please contact lightwork@anina.land 🕊🧡

Thank You

Human Beings & Miraculous Places on this Planet I like visiting or working with 🧚🏻‍♀️✨

Spiritual Musician & Lightworker Oslee
Founder & chef of The Metta Space San Diego & La Jolla Victor Nguyen
Litios Light Centre at Bodensee in Germany
Artist & Mystic Kamila Richter from Prague
Scarabaeus Library & store in Luxembourg
MERU Campus in Vlodrop in the Netherlands

Healers & Coaches & Teachers

Willy Hauser, heil-gesund.ch, Glarus, Switzerland
Tatjana Schindler, Recklinghausen near Bochum, Germany
Josef Schindler, Recklinghausen near Bochum, Germany
Praxis Mandala von Alexa-Undine Wiedemann, Berlin