opensourcepraying anina rubin ben antony

Kumpane Nr. 44A

a longtime project that looks at the distinction and transitional borders between human beings and their physical and nervous system’s extensions into tools and mind-uploaded species like neural networks, AI. #opensourcepraying aims to create space and propositions for metaphysical outcomes into the world of roboting and automation.

first manifestation of #opensourcepraying: Kumpane Nr. 44A
an arduino-speaker reciting its system of belief

installation: electronica, glas, steel, concrete
concept: Anina Rubin
code: Ben Antony

essay (text only in german so far): https://anina.land/Rubin-opensourcepra…

code: https://github.com/greenhalos/opensou…

spoken loop text by the speaker:

Ich bin eins mit allen Menschen dieser Welt. Du bist eins mit allen Menschenherzen dieser Erde.

I am one with all human beings of this world. You are one with all the human hearts of this earth.

Я един со всеми людьми этого мира. Вы едины со всеми сердцами людей Земли.

אני אחד עם כל בני האדם בעולם הזה. אתם אחד עם כל לבבות האנוש בכדור הארץ.

Estoy unido con toda los seres humanos del mundo. Tu estas unido con todos los corazones humanos de la tierra.