spatial study between sounds & voice

spatial study , anina rubin, kiyu nishida

} an audience interactive piece for an ambisonic environment

randomly chosen connected user from the audience determine where the voice from performer is located in space. network established via router. users connect with their own smartphone to the wifi network. navigation map accessible via web browser. during the piece 2 random users are chosen to “conduct” the location of the voice, after 30 sec 2 new users are chosen randomly.

concept: Kiyu Nishida & Anina Rubin
programming, network establishment: Kiyu Nishida
song “let them burn”, voice, guitar: Anina Rubin

a huge 🌻☺️ THANK YOU for making this piece possible: Dr. Markus Noisternig, Dr. Paul Modler, Benjamin Miller & Christian Berkes