artefacts & spirits

sphere02 by Anina Land

The invitation to exhibit in an hospice created the will to focus on a series of works that put a lightful intention onto a wall.

Death is so near, it could happen to all of us in any moment.

Yet, its true presence awakens inside of us when the confrontation is growing into an accumulation of moments over a short period of time.

When that hug becomes so unescapable near oneโ€˜s own shoulders.

Hence another side of life is then revealed: not only for the person experiencing it inside its own body, but also for the people around that are in close contact with the person inside the dying or already dead body.

The fragility of life and the possibility that anything could be gone from one to the next moment makes life, its moments and interpersonal connections very treasurable.

The struggle between being conscious about that treasure and keeping this treasure alive in a three dimensional world is an endless juggle between polarities.

Gratefulness is the only solution to that struggle I have found so far.


All images are digitally created and limited to a single print edition and
one exhibition copy.

View the portoflio here.