Single out now: My Baby Left Last Night

A little singer-songwriter lullaby is now officially released 😊 The video art work was made by Anina Rubin and the live con

artefacts & spirits

Artetfacts & Spirits .pdf, portfolio, 2020 The invitation to exhibit in an hospice created the will to focus on a series o

Mit dem Mond im Gesicht

Music written and mixed by Anina Rubin / A LAND productionsMoving images by Dohi Kim and Anina Rubin This video file has a bin

spatial study between sounds & voice

} an audience interactive piece for an ambisonic environment randomly chosen connected user from the audience determine where

release: far

contemporary piano piece now officially released! find it on bandcamp, spotify & itunes 🌸 thank you

angelic algorithms

The series Angelic Algorithms is a study of gates and passages between one space to another. The physical dimensions perceived

release: untitled

the binaural mixdown of the ambisonics piece is now released! listen to it (with headphones !) on spotify, itunes or bandcamp


#opensourcepraying (.pdf, essay, 2019, in German / auf Deutsch) Werkzeuge haben drei Funktionen: 1 etwas herzustellen 2 dadurc

ost 33: which is yours

the original soundtrack to the story of which is yours first print edition (1 print) in 2008 second and last print edition (11

may peace be with you (dear ancestors)

music, voice, concept: anina rubinmusic produced: sven sauber, anina rubinviolin: christophe reitzcamera: raoul henri

licht wahrnehmen

Licht wahrnehmen  (.pdf, essay, 2018, in German / auf Deutsch) Kurz Beschreibung : Das Spiel des Gegensatzes zwischen Lic

volle pulle

manuell .png geglitchtes video : volle pulle konzept: anina rubin, kamera: véronique verdetentstanden zu artmix9 in saar

study about symmetry and perspective

view portfolio : a study about symmetry and perspective with works created between 2014 – 2018

about is about belief. The founder, Anina Rubin, believes in double rainbows. It is not art. It is not a religion. They just want to sing.