} OST from anina.land for a live, ambisonic environment Premiere was on 20th July 2019 at Kubus / ZKM / Karlsruhe VIELEN DANK an Paul Modler, Markus Noisternig, Michael Bielický, Evi Künstle… : merci merci merci 🙂 this version is the fixed media binaural downmix

far by anina rubin

contemporary piano piece now officially released! find it on bandcamp, spotify & itunes 🌸 thank you

opensourcepraying anina rubin ben antony

Kumpane Nr. 44A a longtime project that looks at the distinction and transitional borders between human beings and their physical and nervous system’s extensions into tools and mind-uploaded species like neural networks, AI. #opensourcepraying aims to create space and propositions for metaphysical outcomes into the world of roboting and automation.Continue Reading

ost 33 which is yours by anina rubin

the original soundtrack to the story of which is yours first print edition (1 print) in 2008 second and last print edition (11 prints) in 2018

welcome bonaventura by anina rubin

licht wahrnehmen (essay, 2018, auf Deutsch) Kurz Beschreibung : Das Spiel des Gegensatzes zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit sowie Licht und Lichtbrechung fasziniert auf vielen Ebenen. In dem Essay Licht wahrnehmen setze ich mich mit der Entwicklung des Elements Licht in der Bildenden Kunst auseinander. Wenn der Künstler sich materiell-visuell zurücknimmt, kommtContinue Reading


manuell .png geglitchtes video : volle pulle konzept: anina rubin, kamera: véronique verdetentstanden zu artmix9 in saarbrücken in 2015

“Anina Land is about belief. The founder […] believes in double rainbows. It is not art. It is not a religion. They don’t exhibit in fancy galleries nor do they worship paper in form of money or books.”