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lost incarnations, ai voices & an angel

the spatial audio drama landalive is a mixed media production of a causal loop narration, field recordings and musical elements of singer-songwriting, jazz, choirs, noise, synthesized voices and electronica. like the story plot itself, the music has no beginning nor ending.

landalive takes the listener to a world where memories don’t exist. the protagonists are part of an entire ship’s crew that try to escape the entanglement of the planet that allures them over and over again. eventually, an everlasting and always surviving artificial neuron from a deep neural network guides them into a space where all memories come back.

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online stream: spatial audio binaural edit for (closed) headphones
ambisonic edit (5th order) available upon request


narration, music, production by anina rubin

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synthetic voice design by birds on mars (
yes it’s a cloned voice, and its name is sir neuron 1068…!

• • •

sea shanty intermezzos: new composition #20 (1’11”) & new composition #25 (43”) generated by aiva

landalive – lost incarnations, ai voices & an angel