“AI, I/O und die anderen”

during the school term 2018/19 i had the pleasure to co-lead a montessori class with tutor jörg stegmann at the gartenschule in karlsruhe to create little calliope mini robots. ⠀
the students were challenged to program and create robots with “emotions”.⠀

we looked at the topic of ai from various perspectives, especially also to make the students aware of all the pre-selected choices the algorithmic networks behind the ‘internet’ are taking (eg youtube videos, advertisments, google search entries, …) and how well trained ai networks can be. this for example was done with quiz games via www.whichfaceisreal.com or by listening to music that is composed between musician and ai like the ‘hello shadow‘ song from by stromae in collaboration with skygge on the album ‘hello world’.

i had especially a lot of fun with all the kids when we went to the zkm museum and they got to experience, most for their first time, vr goggles and robots in action.

the robotic creatures the students created were way more colorful and inventive than i had ever seen before.

afterall, nothing compares to the honest, lively phantasy and creative problem-solving skills of children.

photo credits
jörg stegmann, gartenschule karlsruhe
thank you to
jörg stegmann & all the blissful ag-gruppe students!!! :-)))