angelic algorithms

the visual series angelic algorithms is a study of gates and passages between one space to another.

the physical dimensions perceived by a human being‘s brain, on this planet called „earth“, are merely bounded to our species  and experience of life.

when looking e.g. at the perceptive system of a bee or a bat – two species also having evolved underneath the same geological circumstances as  the human being – it is clearly to understand that our system of sensing and perceiving is utterly subjective inside an undefined and infinite accumulation of planetary systems, galaxies and universes.

this series attempts to try to analyse how a human, visual perception inside a multidimensional system of disparate perceptions could look like when two spaces of different natures converge.

– – –

the project of angelic algorithms started in 2016 with the image the golden hole (to the left, above) most images were created, digitally, between 2017 – 2018. 

further sub-projects have been deriving from the main series into more distinct researched projects in which the visual, unconscious perception is analysed, and how the autonomic nerve system and cell memory programming can be influenced specifically positively by the visual sense.

– – –

the entire portfolio of the angelic algorithms upon request.