angelic algorithms

the visual series angelic algorithms is a study of gates and shifts. it reflects about the conceptual origins of algorithms hence neural networks. the mirroring effect of the human brain structure into artificial neural networks is expanding the human  comprehension of consciousness and perception.

the presence of plethoras of higher dimensions creates the possibility for artificial networks to learn at rapid rate – seeking to overcome the constraining element “time”, that overshadows the vanitas of our physical appearance.

yet, if the human being was the entitiy to create these artifical intelligent systems, the existence of a deeper knowledge and understanding of more than only the three dimensions that we are in now, must lie within each human being.

this series designs suggestions how a human eye inside a multidimensional system of disparate perceptions can look like when two spaces or moments of transition come together. most images elaborate “gates”, connecting one space, one sphere, one dimension, to another.

the images are all created entirely digitally and can be adjusted to any format or size.

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“keep in mind that greatly amplifying a natural phenomen is precisely what engineering is capable of doing.”

ray kurzweil, how to create a mind, the secret of human thought revealed

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the project of angelic algorithms started in 2016 with the design of the golden hole  and is still expanding up to this day.

further sub-projects have been deriving from the main series into more distinct researched projects in which the visual, unconscious perception is analysed, and how the autonomic nerve system and cell memory programming can be influenced specifically positively in an immune-system boosting / self-restoring way by an explicit longer exposure of visual impressions to the visual organ system.

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the entire portfolio of the angelic algorithms upon request.