mit dem mond im gesicht

the higher order ambisonics produced piece is a musical sound-collage of voice and piano recordings, field recordings as well as many sound designs and processed snippets.

an immersive world is created in which the protagonist seems to lose herself, over and over again. each scene ends with a dissolving metamorphose into a new sphere.

the appearing characters are all interpreted by the artist’s voice.

mit dem mond im gesicht had its live premiere in on july 20th 2019 in the kubus of the zkm in karlsruhe.

in january 2020 the further collaboration with artist dohi kim complemented the audio-video work into a multi-layered video, spatial audio work for live or fixed media installation.

– – –

a binaural mixdown is available on bandcamp.

anina rubin live during 'mit dem mond im gesicht'
year of production
music by
anina rubin
moving images by
anina rubin & dohi kim
with a steady support from
dr. paul modler
binaural mix available
4th order ambisonics mix available
yes, multi-layered video projections

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