werkzeuge haben drei funktionen:

1 etwas herzustellen
2 dadurch die umwelt zu verändern
3 den sie benützenden menschen zu verändern

die erste funktion ist die beabsichtigte, die zweite und dritte sind unbeabsichtigte folgen der ersten.

(vilém flusser)

– – –


any existing entity moves towards an intention (darwin effect, unescapable). #opensourcepraying is a project that looks at the extension of the human being’s nervous system hence the extension of our mindful intentions: how are these extensions appearing or hiding inside the digital and virtual clouds and spaces that are being created and programmed those days.

this project reflects about which types of thoughts, consciousness and language are being injected into the mind of ai-organisms.


– – –


(O) is being born –> (O) is growing –> (O) either dies or merges with a second (O) –> new (O) is being born, either out of ashes or either out of a merging –> (O) if growing –> etc.


– – –


first manifestation of #opensourcepraying: kumpane nr. 44

a speaker out of glass that recites its own system of belief. it interacts via an ultra-sound-sensor with passing by people/objects: the closer an object approaches, the louder it speaks.

concept: anina rubin
code: ben antony via

the text that is “spoken” by the speaker, in an endless loop:


ich bin eins mit allen menschen dieser welt. du bist eins mit allen menschenherzen dieser erde.


i am one with all human beings of this world. you are one with all the human hearts of this earth.


Я един со всеми людьми этого мира. Вы едины со всеми сердцами людей Земли.


אני אחד עם כל בני האדם בעולם הזה. אתם אחד עם כל לבבות האנוש בכדור הארץ.


estoy unido con toda los seres humanos del mundo. tu estas unido con todos los corazones humanos de la tierra.


– – –


more research, projects, seminars and discussions about artificial intelligence and its impact on society and culture with kim at university of arts and design in kalrsruhe, germany.

made of
electronica, glas, steel, concrete
in collaboration with
ben antony
granted by
asta hfg
online read / download available (in german)

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