session (200805)

session (200805)’s official release took place on a breadboard during the “get-out” of the squatfabrik #4 art residency at kulturfabrik asbl in esch-sur-alzette, luxembourg in august 2020.

the binaural version is available on bandcamp, and all general streaming platforms such as itunes and spotify.

the spatial audio sound-collage is inspired by the mining history of the southern part of luxembourg. sound-processed mining and drilling recordings frame the musical compositions. water waves, underwater sirens (or mermaids?), western piano tunes and some darker melodic guitar sounds take the listener to a dreamy land that might be full of miracles and haunted ghosts too.

year of production
music by
anina rubin
binaural mix available
5th order ambisonics mix available
thank you to
the kufa team, didier & the cooperationsART, max schmitt