sir neuron 1068

in collaboration with birds on mars & dr. felipe orduña bustamente backed by open screen asbl


the spatial sound work sir neuron 1068 is an artistic and opera-experimental approach about the creation and life of artificial neurons that are living in high-dimensional spaces.

the piece is divided into three scenes and takes the listener at first to the west coast of africa, where many artificial neural networks are being trained nowadays. afterwards the audience is slingshotted into a microscopic view inside such a neural network. here thousands tiny task-assigned neurons are talking in a human language with the narrator’s cloned voice in different versions. a last scene shows the entire story from the perspective of the user who programmed that network with the wish to gain power and insight in his fiancée’s family.

the piece is a sound collage with an accent on the artist’s cloned voices, choir vocals and synthetic vocals, soundscapes, field recordings and instruments.

the synthetic voice is designed by birds on mars. the acoustic impulse responses of the higher dimensional spaces are researched and calculated by dr. felipe orduña bustamente, icat, national autonomous university of mexico.

the story and music is written and produced for 3D / higher order ambisonics spatial audio by anina rubin. the project is backed by open screen asbl.

synthetic voice design by
birds on mars
calculation of the reverberations of high-dimensional spaces
dr. felipe orduña bustamente