the story of el loro

the story of el loro by anina rubin shows of a world, in which all the water wells and sources have been destroyed and haunted. the random meeting of a salesgirl with pink hair and a biker with a good share of courage and a free seat on his bike, guides them into a road-trip through desert flats and rocky lands. they have been given an exact location to find the haunted well which seems to be responsible for the loss of all water.


the short film the story of el loro is an hour long piece that combines live soundtrack and narration within a visual sphere. the music is produced and presented for 3D audio (adaption for ambisonics, wfs and/or binaural, depending on venue/audience). the visual entity of the short film consists of analogue photographs that are turning into moving images along the piece.

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the script for the soundtrack and film was written between 2014 – 2018. the production takes place in 2021 & 2022, aiming the premiere for spring 2022.

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for more information & pre showings: please contact via e-mail or subscribe to productions newsletter.

year of production
2021 - 2022
music by
anina rubin
moving images by
anina rubin & the angelus
yes, will be available
yes, 5th order will be available

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