which is yours

this is the story of a small and dreamy village close to a seaside, that is being taken by an utterly nightmare. the citizens are losing more and more the ability to recognise themselves and each others. fights, the fashion of mask-wearing and destruction follow. the spirited heroine of the story leaves a present in black to all the readers and listeners that are to follow.

– – –

the texts were written in 2008, the photographic images were taken between 2007 – 2011. a first edition was printed in 2008, the second and last edition (11 prints) was printed in 2018, when the music to the piece was produced as well.

– – –

an installation of the piece was shown at kunsthaus l6 in freiburg in june 2020 (duo exhibition with anas kahal – watchers of paris) curated by ann-kathrin harr and samuel dangel.

2007 - 2018
made of
photographs, poems, music, video
photographic works in collaboration (in front or behind the camera) with
chloé serres, cheryl wiltzius, the lucha libre trio from berlin, karsten ehlers (torpedo klassik), frederic aue