hello dear friends, dear strangers, dear lovers… dear cowboys, hello to the crazy souls, the golden hearts, hello dear angelic aliens

welcome to a spatial audio dream land

i create moments of sound and color for ambisonic sound domes or avantgarde vocal performances… see you around dear beloved beings, here or in heaven… or in a galactic realm closer away

latest publications:

June 8, 2022

songwriting: a collection of poems, ballads & lyrics

songwriting: lyrics, poems, and ballads. a collection of stories written between 2000 - 2022 for songs and soundtracks.
April 10, 2022
10435 12049 photographs of people in berlin

10435 – 12049

10435 - 12049: photographs of people in berlin. with chloé serres, torpedo klassik, benjamin bei, notic nastic, raphaël vogt, b&b & more
April 8, 2022
which is yours by anina rubin

which is yours

'which is yours' is a mixed media project of photographs, a poem & a video. limited print edition / spatial audio video installation available.
April 1, 2022
starseed image series wall art anina rubin

starseeds & refractions

the starseed image series plays around with color, geometry and light refractions. limited wall art print editions by anina rubin.
April 1, 2022
landalive – lost incarnations, ai voices & an angel

spatial audio drama ‘landalive’

the spatial audio drama landalive is a mixed media production of electronica, jazz, choirs, noise and ai synthesized voices.
March 18, 2022
glitcherie glitch art anina rubin


glitcherie – glitch art paintings & stills show a series of digital images and videos that were manually altered in code.
March 10, 2022
opensourcepraying speaker glass rubin

the opensourcepraying speaker

the opensourcepraying speaker recites its own prayer in many languages. it interacts via ultra-sound sensors with passing by people and objects.
January 20, 2022
release ever glade 3d binaural anina rubin

ever glade

the release of the single "ever glade" (3d binaural mix) by anina rubin. piano, vocal, choir, electronica. ambisonics mix available for live.
January 16, 2022
release far anina rubin music piano archangel


the release of the single far by anina rubin. piano and vocals written and produced in 2016 - 2017 in karlsruhe, germany.


anina rubin • 1001@anina.land • 🌍⚓️ luxembourg