Mit dem Mond im Gesicht Anina Rubin ambisonics Quattropole Rotondes

mit dem mond im gesicht

mit dem mond im gesicht


spatial audio film for live with 3-channel video, 2019

excerpt, mit dem mond im gesicht

mit dem mond im gesicht (with the moon in the face) tells the story of a soul travel through cosmic spheres. the longing for a moment of unity is continuously being confronted with lostness and chaos before the final return to home can take place.

the soundtrack is a 5th order ambisonic sound-collage of piano, vocals, choir, sound-design, modular synth and field recordings.

the spatial audio short film premiered as live performance at zkm in karlsruhe in july 2019. in 2021 the piece won the european quattropole music price.


Anina Rubin Rotondes Quattropole
Quattropole music by anina rubin label anina land productions

between realms

i was inspired by the main theme’s melody after i had met a friend from jordan. for an eternal moment our conversations turned around our cultural and religious differences as well as the difficulty of political wars around us. as many differences our lifestyles had, we noticed that both of us shared a huge love for praying. living in a world in which nft’s energy consumption and traveling-addiction is wider accepted than the joy of long hours of prayers in stillness, it was wonderful to meet a person who understands and practices that everlasting longing for a melting with a divine.

when you dedicate yourself to daily meditations and prayers, years over years, there are times where the loneliness overcomes you like a predictable tsunami, again and again. if you dare to let go of your ego, the tsunami will turn into a friendly flock of birds that sings itself away. you feel one again, with the entire world. however, sometimes, you might get stuck inside that tsunami that you created. riding that wave may be scary, may be striking, as you will be swallowed eventually. however, the feeling of being devoured by such a force might bring you back to life. you know that you are the wave, whether you are dead or alive.

Prix Quattropole Spatial Audio Anina Rubin Dohi Kim

binaural listen

a 3d binaural edit of “mit dem mond im gesicht” is online at

the live version consists of multiple layered visuals and animations. an online short film version (binaural sound) can be watched on



animation: dohi kim & ANINALAND


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