Christ Light Yoga

Starseed 34c (Seelenstern)
108 x 108 cm / 42 x 42 in
C-print on LEDs, 2023, Katja Anina Brosius

from within the heart

The kingdom of the Christ Light & Elohim

I create Merkaba temples of light across space and time. Such take me into the powerful conscious presence of Jesus Christ, the Archangels and the Ascended Ones as I paint, meditate and sing. My yoga (union with God) path happens mostly through meditation, music and especially through painting with natural pigments in fulfilling silence.

It is my wish to express the virtue and light in color, voice and word through wonderful sound art compositions and shining images for individual clients, a public audience, and the entire world. I am happy to fulfill personal orders in singing, paintings, compositions as well as Christ Light & Elohim meditations.

♥︎♥︎♥︎ ॐ – Om – Aum – Amen – सो ऽहम् – שלום

Fata Morgana
Digital paining, 16600 x 10001 px
2019, Katja Anina Brosius



The LIGHT-HEART-MEDITATION is a meditation technique based on the Light of Jesus Christ and gratitude.

Gratitude means acceptance of everything that is, whether of oneself, the fellow human beings or any occurring situations and happenings. Accepting with gratitude also means letting go of any resentment, criticism, rejection or other blocking energies that prevent our own divine energies and desires from flowing freely.

The human mind and intellect are constantly exposed to criticism and numerous sparks and words of judgment.That’s exactly why it was important for me to develop a meditation technique in which the YES, i.e. deep gratitude for life, is the focus while connecting in stillness with oneself.

The LIGHT HEART MEDITATION brings back the feeling of wholeness and abundance, through gratitude. It is a spiritual study journey to encounter our purpose and the world as it is on all levels. The meditation is guided by and through the purity of the Light of Jesus Christ.


Film still (excerpt)
Lanadlove, Landalive

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Katja Anina Brosius

Individual and group workshops, on site in Luxembourg or digital via Zoom. Let's dive into the ocean of bliss together 🤍💛

The Intention

El, Eloha, Elohim – towards the One, with the One

The energy work that I dedicate myself to with all my heart is understood as a universal language in a world where one Soul entity meets another Soul entity with respect and sincerity. This happens independently of language, cultural history and symbolism.

My knowledge and experience is based on mystical and spiritual teachings of the Abrahamic religions and traditions as well as the Vedas, which I am especially fond of. 

El means ‘towards’/ ‘to’ in Hebrew, as an indication of the direction. It is an elementary root of the word Eloha and Elohim, as well as the -el in the names of angels (Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Valoel, Aquariel, Uriel, etc.) and is translated as ‘Divinity’/’God’. The decision to devote myself to God, or rather – the process of “God-ing” is about the intention and direction I take, every day.

I perceive human Souls with sounds – every Soul has its own sound, like a fingerprint of wavelengths.  I often recognize wavelengths and octaves in combinations of shapes, visual structures and sounds. The deeper the contemplation, the more the structures of space and time dissolve and allow for a different form of the world – a formless world. The communication to the heart and the unconscious happens directly in the here and now. Thus every “new” moment is a new unfolding of the flower of life, of the universe, of the “God-ing” process. (See also “God is a Verb”, Rabbi David A. Cooper).

The direct contact to my Guardian Angels, the Crystal angels, the OM-angels, the Archangels, to Buddha, Jesus Christ, Master Babaji, to Saint Thérèse de l’Enfant-Jésus et de la Saint Face, Lord Hanuman, Padre Pio, Ashtar Sheran, Goddess Venus, Goddess Shakti, the Unicorns, the Elves, Gnomes, Devas and, especially the Elohim, guide me on the journey through the spheres and the return home.


Die Taufe (the baptism)
120 x 120 cm / 47 x 47 in
Oil & silver pigment on canvas
2023, Katja Anina Brosius


Painting & art workshops

starseed refraction of light ANINA luxembourg

108 x 108 cm / 42 x 42 in
C-print on LEDs, 2023, Katja Anina Brosius

I have met many people who mentioned the wish to be creative, but they wouldn’t know how to paint or sing. “I am not talented for that” – that is an unfortunate state of mind.

Thus it is my pleasure to offer to anyone who wishes, guided meditations and energy work to free such states of minds, and fill the chakras, the lightbodys, the mind, with pure divine light and trust in one Self.

Being creative or being inspired means to open the vehicle of the Self and let the natural energies of light and miracles enter.

Any painting I have painted, any song I have sung, it was never me who did any that. I just offer my body as a vehicle to the light. It is a great gift to receive consciously, only that way you are the master of your own creations, and what it is, that you want to contribute to this world. Do you want to paint criticism and shattered objects, or beauty and trust?

I encourage every child, every artist and non-artist (we are all creators thus artists afterall) to experiment for a moment, how it feels, to be guided through consciousness when we create something for and in this world.

I offer different type of meditations or energy work, depending on my client’s wish and situation.

merkaba temple of light

For every meditation and workshop I hold your are always invited into a Merkaba temple of Light with your Guardian Angel, the divine Mother, the divine Father, Jesus Christ and the line of Christ Avatars – Master Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Paramahansa Yogananda, Nature Devas (Pegasus unicorns, Light Dolphines, the Master Dragons), the Archangels, the Elohim and many other Ascended ones through time and space. We can activate a Merkaba Temple of Light for your space(s), project(s) or relationships!


chakra harmony & karma balance

We are looking at specific chakras and situations in your life, that you wish to actively clear and put back into harmony. Christ light will flow through your lightbody. Messages from your Guardian Angel, Archangels and Devas are brought to you.


Christ-light streaming for the physical body

Receive an abundance of Christ Light into all your cells, into your entire nervous system, your chakras, your Merkaba, into your thoughts, your relationships, your visions, your dreams.

I let myself be guided by Jesus Christ and Saint Thérèse and I developed a special Christ Light meditation. I am very happy to transmit the very pure Light of Christ to any one who wants to invite it into his/her/its/their life. In Gratitude and Bliss 🤍🤍🤍


Hourly prices for any of the above mentioned services: 144,00 Eur / hour excl. taxes. For more information or appointments please contact me.

My Love

my Heart

my Song

is dedicated

to the One

and the One


It is here

where we melt

into One

into the truths

of our hearts

I say

I love you

now and


om – aum – amen
private commission

soulstar painting

The Soulstar painting is connected to the wholeness of the color octaves and harmonies that the Soul takes its source from.

We all originate from the same source, yet we have emerged so differently from it.

For the individual creation, I connect my Higher Self to the client’s Higher Self, in guidance with the divine Mother and Father God. Accompanied by beings of light and devas, such as Archangels, Dolphin devas, Elohim Astrea, Christ Avatars, Goddess Venus, Valiant Thor, Ashtar Sheran, the Soulstar informations are brought to me in color frequencies, often also in sounds. Each Soul has an infinitely beautiful and unique sound, similar to the uniqueness of the iris of the eye. (Often, the name(s) of a person reflect the sound of one or a bundle of aspects of that particular Soul entity. When a Soul has consciously found wholeness and togetherness of all aspects again, and thus melts 100 % back into the Ocean of God-ing the sound is OM – AUM – AMEN)

Then the painting starts, either only with colors, or while I am as well turning the Soul sound into octaves and harmonies within the color spectrum of the painting.

The client can choose between an oil on canvas painting, or as digital painting for Hahnemühle archival art prints or high quality lightboxes.

Be welcome to contact me for any questions and requests. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Starseed 36 by ANINA

Der Seelenstern, in der Nähe des Orion (The Soulstar, near Orion)
Digital painting for 144 x 144 cm LED lightbox
2022, Katja Anina Brosius

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Merci 🤍💛🧡❤️

Thank you my dear Masters, for guiding, teaching and showing me the way –

Artist unknown – if you know the artist of this painting thank you for letting me know




Alpha kai Omega


El Shaddai

El Elyon

El Olam

יהוה רפא

Elohim Hercules & Amazonia

Elohim Apollo & Lumina

Elohim Heros & Amora

Elohim Astrea & Purity

Elohim Cyclopea & Virginia

Elohim Peace & Aloha

Elohim Arcturus & Victoria

יהוה נסי

El Kanna

מקוה ישראל


יהוה צורי





sri yukteswar

sri ganesha

Basileus Basileon

יהוה צדקנו

El Chai 

אש אכלה


master melchizedek




archangel Michael










the enlightened Buddha


יהוה יראה

Qedosh Yisrael



lord ashtar sheran

lord Metatron



יהוה צבאותֿ

lady rowena


saint therese

יהוה שלום