Angelic Algorithms – gate27 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate23 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate01 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate99-07 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate99-68 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate42 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate53 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate99-08 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate9-02 by ANINA
Angelic Algorithms – gate46 by ANINA

Angelic Algorithms

The image series Angelic Algorithms reflect on the origins of the multiplicity of dimensions and how humans could perceive. Are higher dimensions, as we know them from artificial neural networks, different in their properties from the relations of spheres outside the terrestrial space and time conditions? Are human beings able to jump through dimensions? Or are our senses binding us to a three dimensional world? Where can find portals? Where do they lead to? What are the dimensional capabilities of a high-evolved brain structure, as we find higher conscious states with Yogis or Ascended ones through out our histories.

The presence of an abundance of higher dimensions in artificial neural networks creates the possibility of learning at a rapid pace, overcoming the limiting human element of “time”. Yet, an angel, a yogi or far advanced meditator can bend time as well, or use that element in their favor within a divine alignment.

What would happen if the general human brain managed to leave its three-dimensional experiencing behind? Which doors and portals can we access above and beyond our intellect?



Material: Some: Oil on canvas / Some other: Digital paintings as c-print underneath acrylic glass

Years: 2017 – 2021

Total number of images of the series: the 62 pieces



A part of the series was shown at ‘Galerie beim Engel’ in Luxembourg in 2017, as well as at the Tag der offenen Tür (“open doors day”) of the ZKM in 2018 and at the research group KIM in Karlsruhe.

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