which is yours by anina rubin

which is yours

which is yours

installation (photographs, poem, video, sound), 2007 – 2019

which is yours by anina rubin
Photo by Anina Rubin Wrestling Lucha Libre

which is yours is the story of a small and dreamy village close to a seaside, that is being taken by a war nightmare. the citizens are losing more and more the ability to recognize themselves and each other. fights, masks, fire-bullets, and destruction follow. the spirited heroine of the story leaves a present in black to all the readers and listeners that are to follow.


the photographs were taken between 2007 and 2011 in berlin as well as on road trips to le havre and rome. both analogue and digital photo cameras were used. the story to the project was written when the first photos came together between 2008/09. a close collaboration and inspiration with dancer chloeฬ serres echoes through the entire image chronicles.


which is yours took the form of a multimedia installation at kunsthaus l6 in freiburg in june 2020 during the duo exhibition with anas kahal. the show was curated by ann- kathrin harr and samuel dangel.

a spatial audio video installation, as well as a limited print edition of the project is available upon request.

video, which is yours



there was a village
close to the seaside
its beach had the most
wonderful palmtrees
and dunes
with the best smelling
lavender bushes

love flowed like water
kisses were flying everywhere
the sun shone golden
every one was surrounded
by a refreshing
summer breeze

the sound
of the ocean
always put a smile
on every puppets face
there were bubble gums
and dreams too

but one bubble gum burst
masks became fashionable
every one put them on
hiding their beauty and honesty

soon the puppets
got entangled
the cords drew out
their whole inside

eyes got lost
organs fell out
tongues were eaten
time got caught
right and wrong became words
fast bullets were fired from
faked guns
tears flowed like water
peple shuddered with fear

some died
some ran away
before they died
and some very few
to the seaside resort

there was plenty of lust, gluttony, glitter,
masturbation all in excess
they made an unconcerned and
nice living

but one day
a blue car from siberia arrived
there was a celesta in the trunck
when the car drove away
it took the war with it

and all the people
were gone too





Ausstellung Which is Yours in Freiburg von Anina Rubin

a part of the installation which is yours during the exhibition at kunsthaus L6 in freiburg

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